Mark Dobbs


Physical Address
200 Oak Street
Poplar Bluff, MO 63901

Phone: 573-785-8444
Jail Phone: 573-686-8067

Mission Statement

  • The mission of the Butler County Sheriff’s Office is to serve the citizens of Butler County by:
  • Being the servant of the courts
  • Keeping the peace and protecting life and property
  • Maintaining custody and control of our prisoners, in and out of the jail
  • Providing law enforcement

These things must be done in an efficient and effective manner without infringing on anyone’s individual rights. This office will conduct itself professionally and with the utmost courtesy to everyone we have contact with.


  • Court Service
  • Investigate Crime
  • Jail Management
  • Neighborhood Watch / Dare Program
  • Provide Rural Law Enforcement

Providing Law Enforcement

This office will serve the community by providing law enforcement to everyone equally and fairly, treating all with the respect they deserve. We will make every effort to stand between criminals and their intended victim. We will be the victim’s advocate when a crime has been committed. We will handle non-criminal calls with equal diligence and respect. All services must be provided in a timely manner, using all the resources we have available.

Keeping the Peace

This office will cooperate with every other law enforcement agency, fire department, emergency services, and political entity, to ensure peace and harmony throughout the county and beyond.

Serving the Courts

This office will serve the courts with diligence by serving summons, subpoenas, and court orders timely and respectfully to everyone so ordered. This Office will also provide courtroom security to judges, jurors, witnesses, attorneys, clerks, and defendants or anyone having reason to appear.

Maintaining Custody of Prisoners

This office will be responsible for the care and maintenance of all prisoners in our custody, never violating their rights. We will listen to prisoner requests and provide essential items needed. We will treat all prisoners with the respect they deserve.