During investigations, coroners take charge of the body and fully investigate the Cause and Manner of death, seizing any item that aids in showing the cause of death, interviewing and interrogating witnesses, issuing subpoenas, holding inquest and jury inquests : (RSMO 58.451). Other specific job duties include:

  • Conservator of the peace throughout his county
  • Arrest all felons
  • Investigate all deaths falling under his jurisdiction
  • Order Autopsies, draw toxicology, x rays, and other lab tests
  • Hold jury Inquests and take sworn testimony
  • Assist with Child Death Review Panes
  • Issues Subpoenas and writs of attachment
  • Determine cause and manner of death 
  • When the death is due to a felony secure the one responsible for trial
  • Certify Death certificates


The key responsibility of a coroner is to be a conservator of the peace, investigate all deaths throughout his county.

Jim Akers

County Coroner

Physical Address
614 Lindsay street
Poplar Bluff, MO 63901

Phone: 573-686-7884
Fax: 573-727-9029