Office Responsibilities

  • Administrate payroll for the county's 135 employees
  • Inform commissioners of county's financial status on a regular basis
  • Invest monies not needed for day to day operations of the county
  • Manage county checking account:
    • Cash accounting for 39 different county funds
    • Disburse and reconcile all county checks
    • Reconcile all funds and entire checking account on monthly basis
    • Receipt all money received by county (excluding property tax, which is receipted by the Collector)

Unclaimed Property

According to records at the Missouri State Treasurer's Office, there are several $1,000’s of unclaimed property being held by the state that actually belongs to citizens in Butler County. This unclaimed property could be anything from an insurance refund check that was lost to a rental damage deposit that was never returned. Visit the State Treasurer's Unclaimed Property page to find out if you have any unclaimed property being held by the state.