Elected Officials

  1. Assessor

    Find out more about the current County Assessor and access information related to this position.

  2. Circuit Clerk / Courts

    Browse important dates and contact information for matters related to the courts of Butler County.

  3. Collector

    The Butler County Collector’s Office collects taxes for Butler County, and the cities of Poplar Bluff, Qulin and Neelyville.

  4. Commissioners

    Find out more about the commissioners who serve the county, the budgets they plan, and general commission information related to the state of Missouri.

  5. County Clerk / Election Authority

    The County Clerk serves several roles, including the county financial officer, notary public, and keeper of minutes at Board of Equalization meetings.

  6. Judges

    Review the judges that currently serve the county court system.

  7. Prosecuting Attorney

    Contact the prosecuting attorney of the county and find out more about this official position.

  8. Public Administrator

    The Public Administrator acts as the court-appointed guardian and conservator for minor, disabled or incapacitated persons.

  9. Recorder of Deeds

    The Recorder of Deeds works with marriage licenses and real estate recordings.

  10. Sheriff

    This office will serve the community by providing law enforcement to everyone equally and fairly, treating all with the respect they deserve.

  11. Treasurer

    The County Treasurer is responsible for managing funds and disbursing checks for Butler County.