Merchant Licenses

Merchant Definition
Missouri Law 150.010 RSMo 1994 indicates that every person, corporation, co-partnership, or association of persons who deals in selling goods, wares, and merchandise at any store, stand or place occupied for that purpose is a merchant.

When to Get a Merchants License
A Merchants License is required when all of the following are true:
  • You own or operate a business
  • The business is located in Butler County, either within or outside the city limits of any incorporated area
  • There is a sales tax number issued to the business by the Missouri Department of Revenue
City Licensing Requirements
If your business is within the city limits, you should also check with the city for their licensing requirements.

Businesses That Do Not Require a License
You do not need a Merchants License if any of the following apply:
  • You are a registered motor vehicle dealer and your primary business is selling motor vehicles
  • You are a physician, dentist, or veterinarian selling medicines, at either wholesale or retail, used in your practice
  • You are a farmer who grows or processes any article of farm produce or farm products on your farm, as long as you do not have a regular stand or place of business away from your farm
How to Get Merchants License
To get a Merchants License, visit the Butler County Collector’s Office or call 573-686-8088 for a Merchants License Registration Form (PDF).

State Sales Tax Number
Your state sales tax number must be included on the form. If you need more information regarding state sales taxes, please contact the Missouri Department of Revenue in Jefferson City at 573-751-5860.

Submitting the Form
Return the completed form and check for $25 made out to Butler County Collector to the Collector’s office at:
100 N Main Street
Room 105
Poplar Bluff, MO 63901

Methods of Payment
For more information on paying for licenses and tax bills, see our Methods of Payment page.

Receiving Your License
Your validated license will be mailed to you at the address included on the application.