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Welcome to the Butler County tax website. This site - which allows you to search, view, pay, and print information about your Butler County, City of Poplar Bluff, City of Qulin, and City of Neelyville property taxes - is part of our commitment to provide our customers with greater online services.

Tax Data
The property tax data is for information purposes only. The information may not reflect the most current records. Please let us know of any discrepancies.

Value Assessment
The property tax values were determined by the Butler County Assessor of Property Office (573-686-8084). The tax rates were set by the Butler County Board of Commissioners and the governing bodies of each city. Assessed values are subject to change by the Butler County Assessor of Property in accordance with the Missouri Code Annotated.

Butler County and the Butler County Collector does not represent, warrant, or guarantee the accuracy, either in whole or in part, implicitly or explicitly, or at all, or any data or the use or interpretation of data. The information does not constitute a legal document for the description of these properties. The Butler County Collector disclaims any responsibility or liability for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of this data.

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Paying Delinquent Taxes
To search and pay Delinquent Property Taxes, please visit the Butler County Collector’s Office.

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