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Butler County is an Electronic Court.
Attorneys must use the Missouri eFiling System.
2014 Legislative Session
Effective January 15, 2015, a $10.00 surcharge will be assessed and collected for each  garnishment filed by the requestor or attorney.
This is payable at filing.
There are currently no 
vacancies in the 
Circuit Clerk's Office
Did You Know?
Our office accepts credit/debit cards and personal checks electronically.
Website service fees apply.
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The Circuit Clerk is responsible for maintaining complete and accurate records of the court, collecting, accounting for, and  disbursing all monies paid into the court; and performing other duties, as necessary to assist the court in performing its duties.

 Some of the duties of a court clerk are:
  1. Receive, process, and maintain the judgments, rules, orders, and all other proceedings of the court.
  2. Issue process: summons, subpoenas, executions, garnishments, sequestrations, judgments, orders, and commitments.
  3. Collect and disburse all fines and costs.
  4. Collect and disburse other monies paid into court as ordered by the court.
  5. Select and summon jurors.
  6. Preserve the court seal and other property of the office.
  7. Provide uniform case reporting.
  8. Assist with genealogical searches including: criminal records (excluding traffic and misdemeanors), civil ( excludingorders of protection, small claims, landlord-tenant issues, and judgments less than $25,000), dissolution's, name changes, juvenile, adoptions, financial, paternity, child support, and immigration records. Scott County Historical Society.
  9. Process Passport Applications. Passport fee - Adults ages 16 and over $135.00; Children under age 16 $105.00.
    Additional fees apply for expedited service.
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Court Filing Fees: Click Here
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Local Court Forms: (Additional forms located under Court-Approved Forms)
Sound Recording Duplication Request
Request for Child Support Termination at Age 21
Request for Records Search - Dissolution of Marriage
Additional Information
Sections 484.010 and 484.020 RSMo define the practice of law and prohibit anyone who is not a licensed attorney from practicing law. In addition, Section 476.290 RSMo specifically prohibits court clerks from practicing law. Clerks may not give any legal advice or instructions unless provided by law.